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Online check-in Advanced Air
As an AI with knowledge up until September 2021, I'm unable to provide real-time information or updates. Generally, airlines provide online check-in services on their official websites or mobile apps, however, the availability and process can vary between airlines and may change over time.

Typically, these are the steps involved in the online check-in process:

1. Visit the official website of the airline (in this case, Advanced Air).

2. Look for the option labelled "Online Check-In", "Web Check-In", or something similar. It is usually found at the top of the page, or within the "Manage Booking" or "Passenger Services" section.

3. Click on this option, and you'll be prompted to enter your booking details, such as your booking reference or ticket number, and possibly your last name or other identifying information.

4. Follow the instructions to complete the check-in process. You might be able to choose your seat and/or meal preferences, and you may be able to print out your boarding pass or have it sent to your email or mobile device.

Remember to confirm whether Advanced Air offers online check-in, as not all airlines do. The availability of online check-in can also depend on factors such as the specific route or fare class. Please consult the official Advanced Air website or contact their customer service for accurate and updated information.
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