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Hahn Air
Hahn Air is an airline based in Dreieich, Germany. It is not a traditional commercial airline that operates scheduled passenger flights. Instead, Hahn Air operates as a scheduled and business jet charter company and specializes in providing services to travel agencies and other airlines.

Hahn Air was founded in 1994 and initially started as a regional airline operating domestic flights within Germany. However, it transitioned into a niche provider of distribution services for other airlines. It developed the Hahn Air ticketing platform, which enables travel agencies to issue tickets for multiple airlines on a single transaction using the Hahn Air Systems (H1) product.

Through its ticketing platform, Hahn Air offers travel agencies access to over 350 partner airlines, including both well-known carriers and smaller regional airlines. This allows travel agents to offer a wide range of flight options to their customers, even if they do not have a direct agreement with those airlines.

Hahn Air also provides services to business jet operators through its Hahn Air Private Jet product. It offers charter flights for corporate clients and individuals who require private air travel.

It's important to note that Hahn Air is not typically known for operating regular passenger flights like major commercial airlines. Its primary focus is on providing ticketing and distribution services to travel agencies and offering charter services for business jets.
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