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Kenn Borek Air
Kenn Borek Air is a Canadian airline that specializes in polar aviation services. The airline was founded in 1970 by Kenn Borek, a Canadian pilot. Initially, the airline provided charter flights for various purposes, including mineral exploration and remote area transportation in Canada's Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Kenn Borek Air is known for its expertise in operating in extreme weather conditions and remote locations. They have a fleet of specialized aircraft, including turboprop planes like the DHC-6 Twin Otter and the Basler BT-67, which is a modified version of the Douglas DC-3 aircraft. These aircraft are capable of landing on unpaved runways and have the ability to operate in harsh environments.

One notable operation of Kenn Borek Air was its involvement in search and rescue missions in the Antarctic. In 2013, the airline played a crucial role in the evacuation of an American scientist from a remote research station at the South Pole during the winter season, when temperatures dropped to extreme levels. The successful mission demonstrated the airline's capability to operate in challenging conditions.

Kenn Borek Air continues to provide air transportation services for scientific research, resource exploration, and logistical support in the polar regions. Their specialized capabilities and experience make them a trusted choice for organizations and individuals requiring air services in these remote and challenging environments.
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