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KLM cityhopper
KLM Cityhopper is a regional subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which operates as a regional airline within Europe. It primarily serves as a feeder airline, connecting smaller regional airports to the main KLM hubs at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

KLM Cityhopper operates a fleet of smaller aircraft, mainly consisting of Embraer E-Jet family aircraft. These jets provide comfortable seating for passengers and have a range that is suitable for regional flights. The airline offers both economy and business class seating options, depending on the route and aircraft.

As a subsidiary of KLM, KLM Cityhopper adheres to the same safety standards and quality of service as its parent company. Passengers traveling on KLM Cityhopper flights enjoy the benefits of KLM's frequent flyer program, Flying Blue, and have access to various amenities provided by the airline.

Overall, KLM Cityhopper plays a crucial role in connecting smaller cities and regional airports to KLM's extensive global network, allowing passengers to seamlessly travel to their desired destinations.
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