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LADE - Líneas Aéreas Del Estado
LADE (Líneas Aéreas del Estado) is an Argentine airline that operates as a state-owned company. It was created in 1940 and is administered by the Argentine Air Force. The airline's primary purpose is to provide air transportation services to remote areas of Argentina that are difficult to reach by other means of transportation.

LADE operates domestic flights within Argentina, focusing on connecting remote regions, including Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, and other isolated areas. Its fleet consists of small aircraft, such as Twin Otters and Fokker F-28s, which are suitable for landing on short runways and unpaved airstrips found in remote locations.

The airline plays a crucial role in connecting these isolated communities, allowing residents access to essential services, supplies, and transportation options. LADE's operations are subsidized by the Argentine government to ensure affordable air travel for residents in these remote areas.

Overall, LADE serves as a lifeline for many communities in Argentina, enabling them to stay connected with the rest of the country and facilitating economic and social development in these regions.
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