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Lauda Air
Lauda Air was an Austrian airline that was founded in 1979 by Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda. The airline operated both scheduled and charter flights primarily from Vienna International Airport. Initially, Lauda Air focused on holiday destinations, particularly in the Mediterranean region.

Lauda Air gained a reputation for its high-quality service and customer satisfaction. In the early 1990s, the airline expanded its operations to include long-haul flights to destinations such as Bangkok, Sydney, and Johannesburg. It also became known for its partnership with Austrian Airlines, with both airlines sharing codeshare flights and frequent flyer programs.

In 2000, Lauda Air became a subsidiary of Austrian Airlines. However, the brand continued to operate independently, maintaining its distinctive livery and brand identity. Lauda Air operated a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, providing a mix of economy and business class services.

Tragically, Lauda Air experienced a major accident in 1991 when Flight 004, a Boeing 767, crashed in Thailand, resulting in the loss of all 223 passengers and crew on board. The accident was later attributed to a thrust reverser malfunction.

Despite the accident, Lauda Air continued to operate and was a well-regarded airline in the Austrian aviation industry. In 2012, the decision was made to merge Lauda Air with Austrian Airlines, and the brand was gradually phased out. Today, the airline no longer exists as a separate entity, but its legacy remains in the history of Austrian aviation.
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