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Midwest Airlines
Midwest Airlines was a U.S.-based airline that operated from 1948 until 2010. It was originally known as Midwest Express Airlines and was known for its distinctive service and high-quality passenger experience. Here are some key points about Midwest Airlines:

1. Origins: Midwest Airlines was founded in 1948 as K-C Aviation in Kansas City, Missouri. It initially operated as a maintenance and sales company for corporate aircraft.

2. Rebranding as Midwest Express: In 1984, the company rebranded as Midwest Express Airlines and began offering scheduled passenger flights. It focused on serving business travelers and provided a premium service known for its comfortable leather seats, wide legroom, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies served on board.

3. Hub and Routes: Midwest Express Airlines established its main hub at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It primarily served destinations in the Midwest and the East Coast of the United States.

4. The "Best Care in the Air": Midwest Express Airlines became known for its slogan, "The Best Care in the Air," which reflected its commitment to exceptional customer service and passenger comfort. The airline aimed to provide a more personalized and luxurious experience compared to other carriers.

5. Fleet: Midwest Airlines primarily operated a fleet of McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and Boeing 717 aircraft. The smaller size of these planes allowed the airline to offer a more intimate and exclusive atmosphere on board.

6. Decline and Acquisition: In the early 2000s, Midwest Airlines faced financial challenges due to increased competition and rising fuel costs. It attempted to adapt by introducing a new regional jet service, but the efforts were not successful. As a result, the airline was acquired by Republic Airways Holdings in 2009.

7. Integration with Frontier Airlines: Following the acquisition, Midwest Airlines merged with Frontier Airlines in 2010. The combined entity continued to operate under the Frontier Airlines brand, effectively ending the Midwest Airlines name and distinct service.

While Midwest Airlines is no longer in operation, its legacy as a regional carrier offering exceptional service and passenger experience remains noteworthy in the aviation industry.
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