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Pinnacle Airlines
Pinnacle Airlines was a regional airline based in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States. However, it underwent significant changes in recent years.

Originally founded in 1985 as Express Airlines I, the airline operated as a regional carrier for major airlines such as Northwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. It primarily served as a feeder airline, operating flights on behalf of its major airline partners under codeshare agreements.

In 2002, Express Airlines I underwent a rebranding and became Pinnacle Airlines. The company continued to operate regional flights under various codeshare agreements and expanded its operations. At its peak, Pinnacle Airlines operated a large fleet of regional aircraft, including Bombardier CRJ200, CRJ900, and Embraer ERJ-145.

However, Pinnacle Airlines faced financial difficulties and filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012. As a result of the bankruptcy, the airline reduced its operations and went through a restructuring process. In 2013, the airline was acquired by Delta Air Lines and became a subsidiary of Delta Connection, Delta's regional airline brand.

Following the acquisition, Pinnacle Airlines underwent further changes. In 2014, it merged with another Delta subsidiary, Mesaba Airlines, and was renamed Endeavor Air. Today, Endeavor Air operates as a regional airline for Delta Air Lines, flying under the Delta Connection brand.

It's important to note that my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, and there may have been additional developments or changes regarding Pinnacle Airlines or its successor, Endeavor Air, since then.
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