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Plus Ultra
"Plus Ultra" is a Latin phrase that translates to "Further Beyond" or "More Beyond." It is often associated with the concept of pushing one's limits, surpassing expectations, and striving for greatness.

The phrase "Plus Ultra" has historical significance as the motto of Spain and is depicted on the Spanish coat of arms. It was used to encourage exploration and expansion during the Age of Discovery, suggesting that there were still unexplored territories and new knowledge to be gained.

In popular culture, "Plus Ultra" gained further recognition through its association with the anime and manga series "My Hero Academia." In the series, "Plus Ultra" is the motto of U.A. High School, the institution that trains aspiring superheroes. It embodies the idea of going beyond one's limits and pushing oneself to achieve extraordinary feats.

Overall, "Plus Ultra" represents a mindset of relentless pursuit, pushing boundaries, and striving for greatness in various aspects of life, whether it's personal growth, exploration, or the pursuit of one's dreams.
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