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Rayani Air
Rayani Air was a Malaysian airline that operated from December 2015 to June 2016. It was Malaysia's first Shariah-compliant airline, intending to cater to Muslim passengers who preferred to fly in accordance with Islamic principles.

Rayani Air faced several operational and regulatory issues during its short lifespan. The airline was frequently criticized for its poor service quality, including flight delays, cancellations, and inadequate maintenance of its aircraft. These issues led to a suspension of its operating license by the Malaysian aviation authorities in March 2016.

Furthermore, Rayani Air faced financial troubles, with reports of unpaid salaries to its staff and difficulties in meeting its financial obligations. In June 2016, the airline ceased operations, citing economic factors and issues with its aircraft leasing arrangements.

Despite its short-lived existence, Rayani Air highlighted the challenges faced by new airlines in a highly competitive and regulated industry. Its experience serves as a reminder of the importance of operational efficiency, financial sustainability, and adherence to regulatory requirements for any airline to succeed in the market.
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