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Seaborne refers to something that is related to or takes place on the sea or ocean. It is often used to describe activities, transportation, or operations that occur in or on the water.

Seaborne activities can include various maritime operations such as shipping, fishing, naval operations, cruises, and water sports. Seaborne transportation refers to the movement of goods or people by sea, using ships or vessels.

Seaborne trade plays a crucial role in the global economy, as the majority of international trade is conducted through maritime routes. Ships and vessels transport a wide range of commodities, including raw materials, finished products, and energy resources.

In the context of military operations, seaborne refers to actions conducted by naval forces, such as amphibious assaults, naval warfare, and maritime security operations. Navies and maritime security agencies utilize ships, submarines, aircraft carriers, and other vessels for seaborne operations.

Seaborne tourism or cruises involve recreational travel on large passenger ships, allowing people to explore various destinations and enjoy onboard amenities and entertainment while traveling on the sea.

Overall, the term "seaborne" simply pertains to activities, transportation, or operations that occur on the sea or ocean.
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