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West Wind Aviation
West Wind Aviation was a Canadian regional airline based in Saskatchewan. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, West Wind Aviation had ceased its operations.

West Wind Aviation was founded in 1983 and initially provided charter services for various industries in Saskatchewan, including the mining and forestry sectors. Over time, it expanded its operations to include scheduled passenger services to remote communities in the province.

The airline primarily operated turboprop aircraft, including the ATR 42 and ATR 72, which are well-suited for regional flights. West Wind Aviation aimed to connect smaller communities with larger centers and provide essential transportation services to remote areas.

Unfortunately, in early 2018, West Wind Aviation encountered a tragic incident when one of its ATR 42 aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff, resulting in multiple fatalities. As a result, the airline's Air Operator Certificate (AOC) was suspended, and it subsequently ceased operations.

It's essential to note that the airline's status or any developments that have occurred after September 2021 may not be known to me. I recommend checking with up-to-date sources or contacting the relevant authorities for the most recent information on West Wind Aviation.
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